Craig Lamshed

Short facts

  • Name: Craig Lamshed
  • Age: 48
  • Club: Team Angelwolf
  • Country: Australian living in Qatar
  • City: Doha


Who are you?

I am a father of two (Jake and Hayley, both adults now) and husband to my very tolerant wife Jodi.
I am an educator, Teacher, Principal and now Country Director for GEMS Education. I got into triathlons to get fit, have fun and meet great people.

What is your background?

I really got into triathlons in about 2013, as a means to get fit and have some.fum. It grew from there, having now completed a number of IM events and last year Ultraman Canada. I’ve been lucky to meet amazing people like Nick Watson and his son Rio #TAW (team Angelwolf). It’s been a great journey so far.

What made you register?

Having completed Ultraman Canada I wanted another challenge, slightly harder, and Sweden is a beautiful place to race.

What do you long for the most come July 2019 and UltraTri Sweden?

Finishing the race and getting to know more amazing people.