Kamil Ostapski

photo by: filipbasara.com
photo by: filipbasara.com


  • Name: Kamil Ostapski
  • Age: 35
  • City: Wroclaw, Poland
  • Club: Triathlon Club & Vege Runners

Who are you?

Adventure triathlete & ultra runner, a father, a husband


What is your training/competition background?

I come from trail and ultra running and fell in love with xtreme triathlons


What made you register?

Something like 5 years ago i embarked on a journey to complete an ultra man race. I read about Rich Roll and his book Finding Ultra and thought that i could do that too. That i could become an Ultra Man. I thought that it would be the ultimate proof that vegetarians did get enough protein in their food 😉 Plus i love Scandinavia and races are the easiest way to talk my wife into a trip up north 🙂


What do you long for the most come July 2017 and UltraTri Sweden?

Good weather, good currents, tailwind & lots of kanelbullar