Carsten Nielsen

Short facts

  • Name: Carsten Nielsen
  • Age: 34 år
  • Club: FesterChallenge
  • City: Copenhagen, Denmark


Who are you? 

A 34 year old ordinary guy who has found love and freedom in the challenges that endurance sport can bring, both mentally and physically.

What is your background?

Endurance sport has never been my thing, like literally never, I have always been a big boy (a little too big), lifting heavy weights in the gym and doing explosive sports like rugby, long distance endurance sports was never in the cards for me. But I have experienced that things change, I started with a marathon in 2015, afterwards a couple of 70.3 races and 2 Full IronMans later, and now I am ready for the next challenge, UltraTriSweden 2018. 

What made you register?

A colleague made me aware of UltraTri Sweden, we were actually just joking about it, being to extreme, but deep inside, the second I saw the pictures and read about the race I was hooked.
I love the “low key” approach, the small amount of participants, that you are on your own out there, with only your own support team to cheer you on, not thousands of spectators cheering and giving you energy as in IronMan regi. 

What do you long for the most come July 2018 and UltraTri Sweden?

The swim, the bike, the run, Swedish summer, the experience, the nature, the challenge, the people. The competition is the celebration of hours of training and hard work, come the 3 days in July I will be all smiles, even when it starts to hurt, loving what we are doing. Its not about the destination, it’s all about the journey.