Roger Nimbratt

Short facts

    • Name: Roger Nimbratt
    • Age: 41
    • Klubb: Nope, no club for me
    • Ort: Täby, Sweden

Who are you? 

What is your background? 

As a kid I really didn´t like the school gymnastics, fotboll, icehockey or the other sports I tried. But most of all I hated running. Until 2010 I managed to stay away from everything even close to endurance sport. Then I suddenly passed 30, and felt I needed to complete a “Svensk klassiker” which is an open water 3k swim, a 300k bike race, a 30k trail run and a 90k cross-country race within a year. I really enjoyed the challenge and the progression in my training. Then I found triathlon and got hooked. 

What made you register? 

For the last years I have done longer or harder races every season, and last year I ”only” did a regular Ironman. During the training for that I missed the feeling of butterflies in the stomach. I took that as sign for it was time for signing up for UltraTri Sweden, which I have had my eyes on for a few years.

What do you long for the most come July 2018 and UltraTri Sweden?

To get started! Meet the other participants and race organizers. Test my limits and get to know myself better. Finish. There is many things I’m looking forward to!