Swim 11.7 km, Nidingen-Gårda Brygga
The swim starts at the iconic lighthouse ”Lilleland” by the island Nidingen. The island is one of the most isolated places of southern Sweden, with 4.5 km of open water to the nearest island, Malön. Swim passes this island and continues into the Kungsbacka fiord, passing a few pretty little islands in the outer parts of the estuary, before reaching swim up at Gårda brygga. The waters are clear and temperatures are typically in the span of 16-20C. Most part of the course is exposed to the elements and you should expect some really nice off-shore swimming with a bit of waves.

Bike 540.6 km, Gårda Brygga-Trosa
The bike route will take you across Sweden on small paved country-side roads, mostly only with little traffic. The course is close to nature and very pretty, passing numerous forests, lakes and quaint villages. Picturesque little red houses and grazing cattle along the route is also abundant. There are a few notable hill climbs along the way, where Tabergstoppen and Klevaliden are the most noteworthy, but having around 100 m of altitude gain in about a kilometre. The new course also sports a short pavé section through old Skänninge, where you will ride a few hundred metres on cobblestones. Transition to run is in Trosa, on the east coast.

Run 126.6 km, Trosa-Stockholm
The running course initially goes north to the outskirts of Södertälje, on a mixture of trails and small roads. After passing the bridge over Södertälje kanal you will run the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail to Haninge south-east of Stockholm. This part of the course goes on gnarly technical trails in deep forests and is very pretty. From Haninge to the finish line in Rålambshovsparken, Kungsholmen, in central Stockholm, the course mainly follows small trails, park walks and back roads. There is also a hill sprint with 10 km to go, where you will climb the Hammarby ski slope. At the top you have a relly nice view of downtown Stockholm.

Below you find a Google map of the new course.