UltraTri Sweden

Triple UltraTriathlon edition – July 11-14, 2024

UltraTri Sweden is a point-to-point triathlon across Sweden. The journey starts south of Gothenburg on the west coast. Starting reef is the Lilleland lighthouse by Nidingen island, infamous for its shipwrecks and treacherous currents. Immersed in Swedish nature, participants race from the start to finish in central Stockholm, on the east coast, in scenic as well as gruesome swim, bike and run stages.

From 2013 to 2022 the race was ran as a stage race. In 2024 the race will be re-vamped into a triple ultratriathlon with 11.7 km swim, 540 km of bikeing and 126.6 km or running. Much of the course will be retained, the epic start remains at the Lilleland reef but the landing/transition to bike is moved inward into the Kungsbacka fiord. Bike course is just slightly updated with a bit more of the best ondulated bike roads crossing Sweden, now including both the iconic climbs of Tabergstoppen and Klevaliden. Transition to run is still in Trosa but run course will now go around Himmerfjärden rather than across, to get to the full triple marathon. A large part of the run is still on the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail and of course we will still climb Hammarby ski slope with 10 km to go to the finish in Rålambshovsparken.

There will not be any mandatory stops in this edition but there will be safe houses at 2/3 of the bike course, at transition to run and at roughly half the run course. At these locations it will be possible to get indoors and rest a bit.

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